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Friday, February 5, 2010

Window to the soul

Anyone who has been to my home know I ADORE dress forms.
Having no less than 25 throughout my home and studio.
Almost all are Vintage, some plain and some over the top embellished.

I am incredibly Inspired by the human form.

This little darling sits on my worktable in my studio.

This one before embellishment was slotted for a garage sale.
The boobs looked like a Madonna Flashback...awful.

My Mom was here the day I started this piece which she found a little disconcerting to say the least as I took a hand saw and started cutting off the chest to accommodate the frame.

The last embellishment for this piece will be four simple words
decoupaged to below the frame...
"Window to the soul"

For within the eyes you can usually see a person's soul,
if you are looking hard enough.

High Five Friday Friends...

Be Inspired this weekend!

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