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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Angels and Roses

It seems that life brings people to your life who are Angels and Roses.

I am a Lover of both.  I might even love roses almost as much as my friend Christie Repasy.

My honey is one of those Angels...truly one of the nicest Men you would ever meet.

Things have been a little stressful for both of us work wise.  
The Garden we love so much all though is what we like to call "controlled wild", well was just really in need of some serious TLC.  

As I have been busy in my studio today, I turn to see him patiently pruning one of my 28 rose bushes.

I find roses on my desk, on the counter 

and to my surprise...in the fountain.  Isn't that LOVE?

Could it be any prettier?

I fell in love with this angel when I found him at none other than one of the most dangerous stores
in the world...Home Goods.

How cute is he?  Both the fake angel and My Man Angel.
He'd die if he knew I were typing this about him.

He did see me shooting photos and said, please don't take a picture of me.
I laughed and said, "I am blogging this" 
but I respectfully took no pictures of him.

Don't forget to take time to smell the roses and be thankful for the Angels in your Life!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Little Muses...

I have lots of little muses, don't we all?
But, the 4 that are the forefront of all I do are my children.

I painted this quasi self family portrait in 2004.
It was inspired by a Vogue magazine cover from the 20's.  The cover depicted a woman holding a carousel that had tiny fashion models on it.  The picture intrigued me.  Since my life almost always feels like a three ring circus full of kids and 4 dogs, I thought it apropos.

I snapped a pic of my kids holding hands and used it as the model for them.  My eldest at the time had long hair and dressed like a punker.

The bracelet is full of items I feel represent the myriad of roles I portray as well as some hobbies and my favorite things.

The heart locket is one I wear often.  It is one of those cool lockets that opens to reveal 4 pictures, one for each of my children of course.

The painting hangs above the main drafting table in my studio...opposing the wall which has my family tree on it.

By the time I am an old woman, I hope to add lots of little grandchildren to the photo...first one is on the way and will make his debut in October!!!

Be inspired every day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Painting revisted

Being a painter by trade, thought I'd share some paintings with you again...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to Mother

I adore and moderately collect Antique books.  While I don't quite have the collection or room for as many as I would like, there are a few dozen that are treasured.  This being one of them.
Purchased several years ago,
one might think the title a little morose..."A Tribute of Flowers to the Memory of Mother"
I found it sentimental and beautiful.

As Mother's Day is quickly approaching, we must remember, not everyone is lucky enough to have their Mother with them.

I opened the book and read this passage in the very beginning of the Preface...

 "We find that every man and woman whom the world has called great, and whose words have been saved for their wisdom and goodness, all cherished with the utmost tenderness their memories of Mother, of happy innocent childhood, and home. Their testimony is always interesting, often very beautiful: and they speak their common sentiment of the human race.  The Love of home is universal.  There is no place like home.  The ties of home should be, and usually are, the strongest and most sacred of any on earth."

 This book was published in 1882 by John McCoy, M.D.

It is full of poetry, of Love and Lament for a lost Mother.
For the love of literature lost.
And for the Love of Mother.