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Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Metal Lanterns

I picked up two of these super cool Vintage Metal Electric Lanterns.
They are old, from Mexico and had the cheesiest colored glass.
Luckily the color was just painted on and soaked right off!


Before, without the glass.  These lanterns are 35 inches tall.
So, I took vintage silhouette images of art deco women, scanned them into my printer,
cropped and blew them up.  I attached them on the inside of glass with hot glue.

Deco Yummy!!!

Loving these!

Wanting to keep them, but will more than likely sell them,
because they are too big for my house

Ooohh, La, La...like a French Peep Show!!!

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  1. Should I buy it for Deano?
    It's bellissimo. 1 more hour....