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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The twins

The twin doll heads had holes in the tops of their heads...what to do???

Lights?  A vase?

 I know...let's paint their hair green, with vines sprouting out...


Wire holders to hold inspirational thoughts....

A garden of ideas sprout from their heads...

May you always bloom"Sweet" ideas, as the "hope" of fresh designs await to be born
and our "dreams" fly free upon the wings of a butterfly!
So much fun making these, I giggled the entire time.



  1. soo cute! I love them! can't wait to put mine in my little house! thank you my friend!
    this is the most beautiful blog!!!! so lovely I can't stand it... wish I was one of the dancing girls the costumes... sooo dreamy!

  2. Thank you my sweet friend!
    I ADORE the artwork on this blog!
    We are these dancers. Why not?
    Every girl wants to be a fairy!

  3. what a great idea...love reinventing things! Love the new blog!!!!

  4. You are so FREAKIN talented I can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love,
    XOXO Deb