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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby doll re-invention

Broken dollies deserve a chance to start over...just like people.

How many times have you re-invented yourself?

Whether it is as simple as a new hairdo and outfit...

Or you go as deep as leaving your career to pursue a lifelong dream...

Life is about evolving, enjoying the journey and sometimes taking a new path.
A path that takes you to new horizons.

What would you like to see on your horizon?

These Dollies were of course sad and broken, married with vintage lamp parts and the arms are from a broken wind chime.  The will now adorn two clients vanity tables and hold their baubles and bling.

Be inspired today to create something wonderful!!!


  1. Those are SO cute!!! I love them!


  2. LOvE these!?.... didn't see them yesterday?

  3. Two are sold and gone...one is mine.
    So tired of giving away stuff.
    I don't get my supplies at yard sales and people just don't appreciate how much supplies cost or how much time we put into them.