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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

P.E. Lockers

Remember P.E. Lockers?
I always though lockers were so cool, your own little place to store stuff.
While the kids today still have P.E. Lockers, the old days of Lockers to store
books in is gone.  Too much Vandalism.  My kids have these heavy backpacks they lug around all day.
You parents can empathize I am sure.

At any rate, while shopping at one of my favorite Antique stores,
Country Roads, http://whimzyswhimzies.blogspot.com/, a few months back I spied some cool old basket lockers.  When I finally got around to deciding I wanted them, the dealer had removed them from the store because they didn't sell.

Katie told me they had another set.  
She text messaged me pictures and I put them on layaway, 
sight unseen. Crazy.  

My Honey had to go and pick them up with a trailer as they were too large for his SUV.
Crusty, rusty and dirty...once they were scrubbed we moved them into my entry way.
They weigh a TON!

I lined the drawers with scrapbook paper...

As my main studio is my family room, in actuality my entire house is a working studio.
You know, we spread out art crap to every vertical surface when in the heat of creating...

voila...here they are. 

I have filled every drawer with supplies and decorated the top with my favorite items...
Future Bling Babies and friends!!!

Thank you Country Roads for having an amazing store full of amazing dealers and artists!!!



  1. Great Idea Lisa. Look at all that storage for all your Junk. My mom said you can take some more junk home friday after our yard sale. Love the Glass jar i sold you filled with Doll parts. You just need that Courtney Love Song in the Background "Doll Parts"
    XXoo Your Fellow Packrat Junk Collector,

  2. OMG! I want these--with everything on top too!

  3. What a find!those are great.I love your display..Happy junking. :-) Robin

  4. Everything looks so beautiful displayed on the lockers! I love your Lisa sign! Did you make it? Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

  5. I loved those lockers!! God, I miss EVERYONE that comes in the store these days. My new schedule, in case you or your many friends want to come shopping at Country Roads is Wed-Sunday! Hope to see you soon, and "thanks" for the business! The lockers look awesome in your house.

    Take care, Sue

  6. So very cool. They look great. I do think about kids today and how they can't have lockers what a bummer. It's so true even though we might have a place to create art, the whole house tends to fill up with "good stuff". ha ha

  7. those are the best! you were smart to grab them site unseen - they look amazing

  8. Wow! I am speechless! This looks amazing!

  9. Hello Lisa, I'm just stopping by to say hi, thank you for the wonderful comment you left a couple of days ago. I love the lockers what an awesome idea...I want one too.


  10. The lockers looks very old but still quite useful and in good condition. How much did you buy it? I hope you tell me. Thanks!
    school lockers

  11. Wow, what a fab find! and how heavenly to have it full of crafting things yum. i love finding & giving new life to other folks discarded stuff. Thank u for following my faerietale blog, lovely to "meet" you x