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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My NEW Passion...

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, my first loves are Sculpting and Painting.
While my officially undiagnosed artistic A.D.D. has allowed my attention to flutter from one medium to another, my yearning is to return to my original two.

Two years ago, I was introduced to Art Clay Silver.
Taking two classes, I loved the medium and made the 
fan pendant in my first class and the ring in the second class.

Even though I LOVED the medium, it is pricey to get into and getting proficient means
many hours and more $$$, so I shelved the dream and moved forward with the 
Mixed Media Jewelry I have been making from vintage components.

At the Pasadena Bead and Design Convention the other day, I took two classes from 
Pat Evans and Ann Rosier, both Senior Instructors.

I feel very at home with this medium and get to play with Fire too!!!
(Honestly, fire intimidates me...visions of burning flesh, scars...oh never mind. 
One most overcome ones fears, right?)
Selling off virtually every scrap of my stock of supplies that I am not going to use again.

Also taking certification classes the end of August to become 
more proficient in the medium and one day Teach it.

Be inspired every day to step outside of your comfort zone and learn something NEW!!!


  1. Just beautiful--the "risk" of burning yourself is worth it :)

  2. You go my Principessa, follow your passion, love all your creations. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. Congratulations Lisa ~ Your unquietness with this new medium is coming along wonderfully ~ Sooner then later your going to leading the "sliver clay" circuit ~ Much Love & blessings to you always ~ Andrea / sissydre