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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feathered Friends

Friends are the best gifts!

This weekend yielded me some sweat, some laughs and some new treasures from some of my most treasured friends...my Feathered Friends
 The great baubles are from my friend Tricia http://vintagebliss.typepad.com/
She gave me a great deal on them and brought me a fabulous vintage doll she picked up for me in Arizona.  Doll is already earmarked for a Bling Baby and Sold!

The tiny Charlotte was a gift from Lori...http://twowildrosesantiques.blogspot.com/

Rita, I still have your spoon...Thank you for letting me use it and
for your hospitality!

My beautiful Friend Claire, brought my daughter Emily and I these wonderful soaps from her recent trip to Ireland...the soaps are from England and are so delightful in sight and scent.

Claire is an amazing photographer...

At my last Chateau de Fleurs sale a woman was in my booth who loved my work and told me of her Mother in law passing and leaving behind loads of jewelry.
After the family went through it all and chose what they wanted, she GAVE the rest to me.
The family wanted it to go to someone they know would really use it.
Thank you Ellen!
It is already sorted!
Some is going on ebay in Lots & some will be kept for future projects.

Rita and I had a brilliant idea to start carrying our bagging supplies at shows in a cute suitcase and propping it on a luggage rack.  Bending over to dig for bags from a plastic storage box under the table was just not working for either of us anymore.

sold this little stand to me for her cost...Thank you sweet Sara!

The fabulous and YUMMY green luggage came from Jamie...
we bartered a bag of vintage slips for the luggage...GOOD trade!
The silver server Lori Gifted me...

Wonderful HOT weekend with the best of friends, 
which made the heat that much more tolerable!

Love you ladies and looking forward to out next adventure together!

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  1. I love all your gifts. Did you wash the spoon yet, my feathered Friend Principessa? Baci Rita