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Thursday, June 3, 2010

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”-Plato

Last Saturday, on my B-day.  I received a call from a friend I hadn't spoken with in about 3 years. 
He lives right around the corner from me.   
He sounded distraught and asked if he could call on me to talk some time this week.  
I replied, "of course."

I pass his house every day on one of my several daily Mommy Taxi runs 
to & fro the schools my children attend.
We probably lost touch as I introduced him to a gal pal of mine, they dated, 
it went south and that was the end.

Today the call came and he & I sat on my back patio and talked.

He lost his Fiancee a month ago. She was 42, died in her sleep.
He found her and tried to revive her.

I never met her but saw her often outside his house and around town.
She was a petite pretty woman and always had a smile on her face.

He wanted to ask my advice as I lost my husband 6 years ago.
What do you do?
How do you go on?
Do you still miss him?
Where do you start?

I gave him as much advice as I could.  
We cried together.

In our rushed, hurried and very self centered society, we sometimes forget...that the person
speeding recklessly and whizzing by us, might just have something bigger going on in their life that we cannot see. (that is another true story)

As I have reflected about this all afternoon, the quotes of Plato and James Barrie came to mind.

Basically this:

…Be kinder than necessary, For everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle…. 
-James Barrie

We all face the winter some time in our lives...
May you have warm souls to help you weather Life's Storms...


  1. YOu make me cry as I read this, but it is a good one. Hope your friend is okay. I'm sure he is better now that he talked to you.
    HUgs, Tricia

  2. You also made me a bit teary eyed, but your post was very well written and right to the point. Thank you for reminding everyone to take some time and care about others!

    Take care, Sue

  3. My heart hurts to read such pain. The loss of, "the love of your life" reaches down and rocks your core. I pray his family, friends & faith will not let him fall...

    Gal pal

  4. Love you ladies! I love your Country Roads bumper sticker Sure..."Kindness Matters" I have it glued to a cabinet! He will heal. It just takes time.


  5. The best kind of person to be.......
    A "Kind" Person.
    Kindness heals.

  6. Beautifully written, Lisa, and so poignant. I'm glad your friend had you to lean on; I am sure it helped to know that he isn't alone. Love you my friend...will catch up soon.

  7. A great post......sometimes in our rushed life we forget that others have their trials and tribulations.

  8. You are wise beyond your years.
    Love ya Lisa!