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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to Mother

I adore and moderately collect Antique books.  While I don't quite have the collection or room for as many as I would like, there are a few dozen that are treasured.  This being one of them.
Purchased several years ago,
one might think the title a little morose..."A Tribute of Flowers to the Memory of Mother"
I found it sentimental and beautiful.

As Mother's Day is quickly approaching, we must remember, not everyone is lucky enough to have their Mother with them.

I opened the book and read this passage in the very beginning of the Preface...

 "We find that every man and woman whom the world has called great, and whose words have been saved for their wisdom and goodness, all cherished with the utmost tenderness their memories of Mother, of happy innocent childhood, and home. Their testimony is always interesting, often very beautiful: and they speak their common sentiment of the human race.  The Love of home is universal.  There is no place like home.  The ties of home should be, and usually are, the strongest and most sacred of any on earth."

 This book was published in 1882 by John McCoy, M.D.

It is full of poetry, of Love and Lament for a lost Mother.
For the love of literature lost.
And for the Love of Mother.

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