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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nature's art

I have what some might consider an odd collection.
Bird's nests.
Having six in all, three are hummingbirds nests, one is of a dove
and the other two, I do not know.
No nests were not stolen from any birds that were using them.  
They were either abandoned or literally fell out of the sky.

The bottom nest was laying in the middle of the parking lot when I dropped off my daughter at school one day.   It contains grass, hay, horse hair, string and most magically Easter basket grass.
Ever so perfectly arched over the top was a long feather.  It lay before my feet as if it were meant for just me.

These perfect aqua blue speckled eggs & nest my girlfriend Kathy found in her climbing rose bush.  She was trimming one day and came across it, abandoned .  Seems her cat had caught one of the doves that nested there.   It was old, dry and ever so fragile, but perfect in every way.

Hummingbird nests are equally fascinating and so different from other birds nests.
I had the honor of watching from the second story window of my old condo, a pair of hummingbirds build a nest, lay an egg, rear the chick and watch it fly away.
I checked on their progress every day.  
It was beautiful to witness first hand and in the end, their nest was demolished.

The typical hummingbird nest is tiny, about the size of half an English walnut shell. The outer part is covered with moss and plant fibers. Sometimes it is shingled with lichens. The rest is made of plant down and spider webs.

Nests are the perfect embodiment of creativity, of using whatever is available to build one's nest.
A reminder too that we should re-use materials to create.

What inspires you?


  1. What inspired me today was your home! Your home is full of creativity, thank you for a wonderful day. Baci Rita

  2. Grazie Principessa!
    It was a bellisima Day!

  3. this was one of my favorite post ever... so beautiful and relevant for all of us!
    thanks Lisa!